Dr Paul Boxer

Managing Director

Paul holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a doctorate in Computer Science.

In 1999, Paul founded the first Sentient company and has since built up several successful companies under the Sentient brand. Today, Sentient is a well-established, multi-national group of companies. The group produces high-technology software products for the Defence, Security, Transport, Aviation and Medical industries.

Paul’s mission is to make the world a better place through the development of advanced technologies that produce large social and economic benefits.


Michael McCowan

Senior Design Engineer

Michael holds bachelor’s degrees in both Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Project Management. He is also the published author of a paper on Continuous Improvement within Australian Engineering Firms.

After 8 years in the automotive industry, Michael joined Sentient in 2015. During his time at Sentient Michael has worked on a myriad of projects, ranging from designing aircraft camera mounts, and developing prosthetics, through to the design and development of 2 prototype boats. The robotic hand is the next challenge.

Michael identifies the tremendous good that a quality robotic hand can enact. He strives to ensure that the hand meets its potential.


Aaron Duivenvoorden

Test & Design Engineer

Aaron joined Sentient Bionics in 2017, as a Junior Engineer, and now leads the product development of the Sentient Bionic Hand. Aaron is a graduate from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Honours) and Business Management.

Before joining Sentient, Aaron travelled to Quebec to complete a Research Project with Polytechnique Montreal, where he assisted their mechanical engineering department. While there, Aaron was the main author of a published paper on sensor fusion techniques to detect movement intention for the control of prosthetic arms.

Roz Single (Square).jpg

Rozchel Yap

QA Engineer

Rozchel holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technological University of the Philippines.

She has worked as a Quality Control, Process Engineer and Quality Assurance Engineer in various industrial domains such as Electronics Manufacturing, Power Systems, Laser Printer Hardware Development and Embedded Systems Development.

Before joining Sentient Bionics in 2020, Roz served as a Product Owner in Software Applications Development for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions.

Sam Single (Square).jpg

Samuel Mallick 

Test and Design Engineer

Sam started at Sentient Bionics in 2019 as an intern through the Defense Industry Internship Program (DIIP). He is studying a masters of mechatronic engineering at The University of Melbourne and has a passion for robotics. Sam has been working on the design, development and testing of the new Sentient Bionic Hand.  

Daniel Single (square).jpg

Daniel Zanati

Test and Design Engineer

Daniel joined the Sentient Bionics team in 2020 as a Test & Design Engineer after graduating from Swinburne University with a Bachelor (Distinction Honours) of Mechanical Engineering & Business Finance.   


Daniel has previous experience working as a Research Engineer Intern at Defence Science & Technology Group and has a great passion for humanitarian & sustainable engineering which he developed with Engineers without Borders. Combined, this has him well equipped to work on the SentOX Oxygen Concentrator and is excited to be helping those who need oxygen therapy the most.


Malika Navaratna

Research & Development Engineer

Malika joined Sentient in 2018 as a Mechanical Engineering (Hons) graduate from Monash University. He has a passion for robotics and automation and joined Sentient to help with the transition to the robotics industry. He is working on the design and development of the sentient hand.


Malika started his career in automation industry and has done research in soft robotics. He is passionate about to creating simple, low cost robotic solutions to improve lives for the better.



Innovative - Hard working - Creative

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Nik Martin

Junior Design Engineer

Nik recently graduated from the University of Cape Town as the university’s top Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering thesis student. For this he received a merit award from the Mechanical Engineering society of South Africa. Soon thereafter, whilst on a surfing holiday in Hawaii, he met Dr Paul Boxer which eventually lead to him moving to Melbourne to start a position at Sentient Bionics. Here he will be working on the research and development of the Sentient Bionic Hand.