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Familiarity, versatility and affordability are the core of our ethos and so we have developed hands which allow people and robots to interact in a natural, and effective way.



SentOx is Born

Production of First 10 Units Commences


October 2020

After an intense period of development, the SentOx Oxygen Concentrator is performing well, and our team is building our first 10 production units so they can be shipped to our partners in Indonesia for assessment. 

Oxygen Concentrator Project

Sentient Bionics refocuses on a philanthropic project dedicated to saving lives through medical oxygen delivery


JULY 2020

For the past few months our Engineers have been hard at work on a philanthropic project, designing and building an oxygen concentrator for hospitals in low resource settings during this COVID-19 crisis.

Last week, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said "One of the most effective ways of saving lives is providing oxygen to patients who need it".

Broad estimates suggest at least half of the world's population does not have access to medical oxygen. We saw it coming, and we've been working hard to help.

Check out website for the latest on how the project is going and contact us for more information, or if you'd like to get involved.

Hospital Bed



Intelligent and Collaborative Robotics Automation Forum


MARCH 2020

COBOTS 2020 is a carefully researched and crafted event which brings together industry leaders within the robotics and automation industries. The conference displays how leading organizations are using collaborative robotics to drive innovations in productivity and automation.

The conference will run between the 12th and 13th of March and our very own Aaron Duivenvoorden will be amongst 25 highly acclaimed industry speakers presenting on: Why the robots of the future will have hands.

“Aaron is currently a Test and Design Engineer at Sentient Bionics with a passion for the development of helpful, sustainable and effective technological solutions that have real social benefits. In his role at Sentient Bionics he has facilitated the rapid development of a Bionic Hand that is versatile, human inspired and very affordable. He is excited to share it with the world.”

COBOTS 2020 Forum


Sentient Bionics talks about cobots and what it means in a world of automation.



Sentient Bionics has recently seen the integration of a Dynamixal - a smart actuator system which is programmable and networkable. The actuator status is actively read and monitor to allow the bionic hand to precisely grip objects. The optimised mechanical design of the bionic hand allows for a large variation in grips with the simple twist of the thumb. This feature, integrated with the precision of the Dynamixal, allows for an endless variation of industry applications. 


Despite its impressive power, the Dynamixal’s design is compact. The Sentient Bionics team have cleverly designed a cuff which entirely encases the Dynamixal and the unit to closely resemble a forearm.  


So, where does this fit into the bigger picture of the world of robotics? A recent article by Universal Robots explores the benefits of integrating collaborative robots (cobots) into the production environment. cobots allow for high precision manufacturing within a reduced time frame. User satisfaction is guaranteed as cobots ensure the consistency and accuracy needed satisfy today’s highly competitive markets. Existing cobots typically use end function-specific end effectors; imagine a collaborative robot with the versatility and precision of a human hand – the possibilities are endless.   

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