Oxygen Concentrator (O2C)

We want to help medical facilities in low resource countries cope with COVID-19.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we initially investigated supplying ventilators, mainly for medical facilities in Asia and Africa. We have since been informed that oxygen may be an essential part of ventilation treatment for COVID- 19 cases and that many medical facilities on these continents may not have oxygen available. Our research indicates that ventilators without oxygen supply may not be as suitable for treatment of COVID-19 and that oxygen supply alone may be as, or more, important than ventilators.

Our Solution

We are currently designing an oxygen concentrator device which can be used for oxygen therapy treatment, a crucial therapy for patients suffering from COVID-19.

We are focusing the design on some key features:

  • Can be built in a low resource setting

  • Provides oxygen suitable for medical supply 

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